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Hey, I'm Mark.

I'm a producer, a drummer & MD, a traveller, and I really give a shit about what I do.

I've produced records for over 50 different indie pop / synth pop / alt pop artists in 15 countries, toured as a drummer + music director for a number of them, helped them accumulate combined millions of plays, and even had productions featured in MTV. I own a boutique publishing company called THAT NINETIES KID which helps artists I work with reach a larger global audience, and gives them the ability to potentially make money directly from ad placement that we help secure. I also own THAT PITCH which is a subscription-based, music-licensing pitching platform that sends our members pitch opportunities all year-long and lets them keep 100% of their royalties should they land something.

I truly give a shit about the music I make with people, and the people I get to make music with. I believe in an ethical future for the global music industry, and am grateful as hell that I get to create music, experience new cultures, and create sounds that last with amazing artists, all around the globe. Whether I'm writing with them, writing for them, touring with them, helping them develop into their artistic vision, or all of the above - I can't get enough of it.

I always keep the door open for independent artists, groups, and labels to reach out about making a record with me. In fact, it's what I'm most passionate about. If this interests you, click "APPLY" below. 

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I've loved every second of this process writing with Mark. I was in a transition stylistically, and everything we've written has been spot on. I feel like he's producing me to be the best version of myself as an artist, and that to me - has been invaluable.




We've made a couple records with Mark at this point and had an absolute blast over the years. We consider him family at this point. We've worked 100% remote and it's been great. Our most recent song 'TIDES' has garnered hundreds of thousands of plays, have had features in H&M, Hollister, & New Music Friday and are onto our next song soon. We've signed with Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Group, and have even played SXSW since. 



I've worked with Mark over the past few years and find our process irreplaceable. Everytime we work, I feel like its 100% what I wanted to achieve, and then some. We recently had my last single "Cliché" placed on MTV's New generation Italia. He flew out to me in Milan, Italy and we had an incredible time.

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When I can find the time, I like to team up with companies I believe in that can help everyone out. Whether that's give-aways, deals, free subscriptions, or whatever works for everyone. I also like to write blog posts that can occasionally give some practical advice for things I had to learn the hard way in the music industry... and sometimes, I just announce some random shit about personal projects I'm stoked about.