Every week, I post a WHOOP ASS WEDNESDAY on my Instagram (@markeckert.) I also send it out in my email list. They are also posted here, so you can netflix-the-shit-outta-me if binging is more your style.

In these videos, I cover answers to serious questions from artists I am producing & developing. More often than not - we are talking about the business-side of being an artist in today’s world. (Btw. Yes, it is a business.) These questions can range from “how do I throw an event?” to “where do I get my merch printed?” to even topics such as economics, investment, negotiation, leverage, long-term strategy & even daily tactics in the ‘new industry.’

I also occasionally write blog posts, ranging from my view on the new music industry and its larger role in the grand scheme of the world economy, to tactics, and strategies that seem to be trending - to even what the music industry looks like 10 years from now (and how we can invest our time into that vision). Oh yeah - also (if I’m heated after watching someone’s bad show) I’ll write cute things too, like: “how to not be a total douchebag to the guy who’s running sound at your show.”

A few times a year, I also run give-aways with a select group of companies I choose to endorse. This can include keyboard giveaways, to software, to free all expenses paid cruises to hell. jk. usually its just keyboards. <3

Enjoy, dig in - and go whoop dat ass, bb.

- Mark