So, I'll be quick because you got some reading to do. 

I recently did a survey asking people a number of things about being an indie artist. Wanted to see above everything else, how I could be of help, as I am doing this thing full time and may have some knowledge to spew. From the 36 responders, every single one said that they wanted free resources, reading material, etc from me if I was willing to share.


Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge Mark Twain fanatic. My favorites aren't Huckleberry Finn, Life On The Mississippi, etc. They're typically the books that not many people give a lot of praise. My favorite is 'What is Man?' 

Why that one of all of them? Well, it's a bunch of essays that didn't quite make it to be full-blown books. The cool part about this book is that you can gain some incredible wisdom from essentially, short stories. (i.e. not much reading ;] ) He has a bunch of essays that I really can relate to, but my favorite of all of them is "The Turning Point of My Life."

Mark Twain is one of the most respected writers of all time. In just a few pages, he tells you matter of factly how he got to his peak in life / career. And no - he's not narcissistic. He didn't "have a vision when he was 3 years old that he was going to change the world with his words." No. He was sick, bored in the summer, and his mom thought he was an annoying pain in the ass. The only guy in town that would take him on as an apprentice (basically baby sitting for Mama Twain) was a local book binder. That's it. Nothing romantic at all about it. Totally my style.

For real, I would love to just kick it and have a drink with this dude and his dog. Hell, even just a drink with the dog would be chill.

For real, I would love to just kick it and have a drink with this dude and his dog. Hell, even just a drink with the dog would be chill.

Really, many, many different situations happened in life that lead him to make certain decisions that brought him to his level of success (and failures) just like all of us. That's why Mark Twain is the shit. He's incredible, humble, and relatable.

The main lesson I got out of this particular essay is a topic he touches on called "Circumstance & Temperament." Read through, and you'll get it. 

I've included an ebook I made with just this one essay (public domain for the win.) I've also included a phone wallpaper that just says "Circumstance & Temperament" So you can be reminded that you are in the same exact boat as Mark Twain was. Good boat to be in. He did alright. (look at that fucking dog.)

PS: Mark Twain makes a lot of Adam & Eve references, occasional other religious references - also he speaks english from "back in the day" so you may have to read through something a second time. If any of this bothers you at all - well, I told ya' it would be in there.

I fall back on this essay's teachings multiple times a month. My hopes are that you may fall on it just as much as I have.

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- Mark

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