"Mark, what the fuck is a publishing company?"

Yeah. It's confusing shit. But basically, I (along with a few other good friends around the world) are helping artists get their songs placed into advertisements, or for bigger artist's records. It's potential money for songwriters producers & artists, an access to cool exposure & credibility, and idk - I just think its really cool. 

The reason I started this? I was getting 'pitch' opportunities over the past year A LOT. (a 'pitch' is an opportunity for you to 'pitch' a song for a specific request from an advertiser, label, etc. To you homies that are more 'in the industry', I'm sure you know what this meant. but a lot of people don't - I went to a music conservatory and they never talked about this shit. haha #jazzschool)

So instead of keeping all these opportunites to myself and the artists I produce, I decided why not just offer this up for a bunch of artists I believe in! Who gives a shit, right? Spread the wealth, grow the pie.

Obviously (as you would assume, knowing me) I'm specializing in indie pop, synth pop, all forms of pop type shettt.

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It's snowy as hell in Charlotte and all the roads suck, hope wherever you are - it's sunny and not lethal where you are driving. <3

Chur boi,
- Mark