So this is more of a “got my ass whooped” Wednesday. But you know what, everyone talks about their wins. Nobody talks about their journey and when they really fuck up. This situation really does happen to everyone in the industry. Everyone you know has complete trash days occasionally. I’m far from perfect. But it’s just so important to remember *your worst days are your biggest opportunities to gain incredible insight.* To sum up - lost a huge gig and opportunity 2 nights ago, and filmed it for this upcoming Wednesday (today.) I called everyone I looked up to until I figured out what not to do next time. As of writing this, I have 4.5 pages of notes of where/how I fucked up, and what I should have done instead.
Remember - you only lost if you didn’t learn from it. Most people in this situation, in this industry, would say “I got fucked over.” And just turn bitter / cynical. That’s NOT how to approach this industry. That’s how you burn out. Don’t be emotional. Completely get rid of your ego/entitlement. Learn something for next time (because there always is a next time.) today, I learned a big lesson on Leverage, Value, and Sales. It’s all about taking ownership, people. Here it is. Hope you take away something from this. I sure as fuck did! 🔥🔥🔥

Mark Eckert