Right. On.

Looks like we’ll be talking soon.

You should have received a confirmation email of our upcoming call, as well as an automatic sync in your calendar. My team will remind you of our call by email prior to our arranged time, as well as a healthy text reminder (if you signed up for that.)

So, to give you a general idea of what we’ll be talking about on this call - I wanted to cover a few things.

If we have gotten this far, I am pretty into the idea of working with you. To be completely honest, I defer about 90% of the people who reach out to me. Simply because, I like to be choosy with who I work with. I am fortunate in the fact that I don’t have to accept everything. I only want to work on things I’m passionate about, and I know for a fact, I can add real value to. It’s imperative to me that whoever I’m working with, has an awesome record, that they can be proud of. That’s simply all I care about.

Having said all of that though, our call is to flesh out some things. I want to learn about you as an artist, what you want to achieve with your life, career, etc. All the way from how you got into music, to what you’re doing now, to what you want to do. Ultimately, I want to see how you see me as a step in the right direction to your overall goal.

This will best help me determine what I can do for you, and how I can help you achieve those goals. Around the end of the call, I’ll have a pretty good grasp on whether or not I feel as though it’s a right fit, and if I’m the guy for ya’!

For me, being in and out of studios my entire production career, I’ve realized that a producer is a lot more than just a “beat maker” or someone simply “behind the scenes” etc. A true producer is everything the artist can’t handle on their own, a voice of reason during an artistic journey, and a friend. Chances are, if you reached out - there are things you can’t handle all on your own… - I want to be there to help you fill in the gaps.

Very excited, and honored to meet you soon, my friend!

- Mark

In the meantime - check out my blog! Lots of goodies in there for artists like yourself.