3-Month All Inclusive Production & Development.

  1. An organized approach to the production of your record.

Input: 3-Month Signature Production Process.

  • Month 1 is devoted to Pre-Production

  • Month 2 is devoted to Production

  • Month 3 is devoted to Prep work for your Release

  • Private Chat Channel with myself and THAT NINETIES KID in-house A&R Rep.


  • Radio Ready Production - mixed, mastered, and ready for release.

  • Backing Tracks & Stems - live performance, and remix prepared.

2. Competence to make a career out of this.

The first artist development system of its kind… done are the days of “I don’t have my shit together.” Because this series is quite literally called “Getting your shit together.”

Input: “Signature G.Y.S.T. 12-Week Development Process."

  • Week 1-4 is Mindset

  • Week 5-8 is Messaging.

  • Week 9-12 is Marketing.


  • A foundational understanding of Publishing, Master Rights, Marketing, and the competence and confidence to take action. Proper registration with your nations PRO, a level of competence to receive performance royalties. An understanding of approaching a fan base with strategy and cross-platform marketing techniques, and insight on how to achieve these feats. So yeah, simply put - getting your shit together.

3. A Lifetime membership to

  • $500 Value

  • Unlimited opportunities to pitch your music for sync placement to advertisement and major motion film… for a life-time. Whether its the music we make together, or music you make on your own or with others. Pitch all of it, and Keep 100% of your royalties.

4. The Indie PR Bundle.

  • $400 Value ($10,000+ Value as you no longer will have to pay for PR Campaigns.)

  • 6000+ Industry Contacts

  • 5-Part Insight Video Series on best practices in regards to running your own PR Campaign - from someone who has invested thousands upon thousands into previous campaigns.